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The Mad Men “For Your Consideration” ads are beautifully appropriate

Every year, studios and networks flood industry magazines like Variety with “For Your Consideration” ads designed to remind awards voters about shows or movies that might have slipped their minds. Often, these ads are pretty simple—a still of one of the film’s prominent stars, looking either inspirational or angsty, and surrounded by glowing reviews. 

Leave it to Mad Men, then, to take the art of the For Your Consideration ad seriously, with this series of gorgeous, vintage-styled portraits showing the show’s cast modeling fake products with tongue-in-cheek names like “Emmy”-brand shoes or “Statuette’s.”

The ads are full of coy little jokes, like finishing Elisabeth Moss’ make-up ad with the lines, “It always performs perfectly. And so do you.” Or referencing the way Kiernan Shipka has come into her own as an actress over the show’s five seasons. Hilariously, the ads seem to praise Vincent Kartheiser for his “invisible consistency,” because it is against the laws of the universe for Pete Campbell to get respect.

[Images via The Hollywood Reporter]

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