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Marc Webb gets to direct the next Spider-Man movie 

The recent hiring of Hollywood's favorite franchise managers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci suggested that Columbia was taking serious steps to really franchise up its rebooted Spider-Man franchise—making it so good and franchise-y that it might move on from Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb to someone with a little more franchise experience (or who didn't ask for the pay raise he reportedly did). But it seems Webb will direct the sequel due in 2014, confirmed to return right alongside series star Andrew Garfield in the film that starts shooting early next year and in 3-D again. Currently Emma Stone is not officially signed on to reprise her role of Gwen Stacy, but if she gets the wish she's expressed in some of her recent interviews, she'll definitely be coming back to die. No word yet on the sequel's other potential plot directions, of course, but hopefully it will delve into the origin story of how Spider-Man got his powers, as we've already forgotten. Did he take a pill or something? Like, a spider-pill?  

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