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Morrissey responds to his fight with David Bowie with the ol' Rickroll

After getting into a bit of a flame war with David Bowie over his upcoming reissue of “The Last Of The International Playboys,” Morrissey has responded with the clever rebuttal of so many an Internet wit: He’s gone for the ol' Rickroll, replacing that disputed, previously unpublished cover photo of Bowie and himself with the above image featuring Rick Astley, taken backstage at a 1989 Top Of The Pops taping. No doubt happy just to be a part of something that isn't expressly intended to annoy, Astley has already signed off on the use of his likeness, while his meaty baritone somehow escaped Morrissey’s withering condemnation and earned him a spot on the single due April 8. And after this it should just be smooooooth sailing for Morrissey, from here on out.  

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