Musée Mécanique sprawls across “The Open Sea”

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Musée Mécanique sprawls across “The Open Sea”

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Minimalism does not seem to be in the wheelhouse of Musée Mécanique. The five-man, Portland-based ensemble employs an arsenal of instrumentation, ambition, and conceptual complexity on From Shores Of Sleep, its upcoming sophomore full-length. Yet the group’s songwriters, Micah Rabwin and Sean Ogilvie, have managed to tastefully rein in their sprawl of ideas, infusing folk-rock gems like “The Open Sea”—which is being debuted here—with a fetching, deceptively hushed simplicity. Which makes it all the more majestic when the song kicks into a crescendo of piercing horns and heart-swelling hugeness.

From Shores Of Sleep will be released August 25 via Tender Loving Empire.

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