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NBC finally gets around to canceling Rock Center With Brian Williams

Because not even the news is safe from being declared no longer “right” for NBC, Rock Center With Brian Williams has also been canceled, a mere two years after it first began the experiment of covering world events with handsomeness. The low-rated show had been bumped around the schedule numerous times in its brief life, finally ending up in a Friday night timeslot where, oddly, it seemed no one really wanted to hear about politics or disasters, even if it meant catching Rock Center “exclusives” like Chelsea Clinton interviewing the Geico Gecko. The final straw came with a recent segment set behind the scenes of The Onion, at which point America decided that, if Brian Williams wasn’t going to take this seriously, why should they? Anyway, now that it's separated from Williams, the Rock Center is free to get its own spinoff, where it becomes the governess to a group of sassy inner-city children. 

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