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NBC has already picked up Bryan Fuller's Hannibal Lecter series

Although NBC is still making improvements to its Munsters update (“gilding the Lily,” they would say, were the show not too edgy for puns now), it's moving full steam ahead with its other Bryan Fuller-drafted monster reboot, skipping the pilot process and giving his Hannibal Lecter adaptation Hannibal a 13-episode order right up front. As previously reported, the hour-long thriller series will focus on the early meetings between the cannibal serial killer and FBI profiler Will Graham, where they partnered up to solve various cases that, were they reduced to only their most dramatic moments, probably could be recounted in 45 minutes or less, with just enough time left over for humanizing glimpses of Graham’s personal life. It will be just like Cagney And Lacey, in other words—particularly those later seasons where Tyne Daly was always eating the witnesses.

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