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NBC has canceled Community

The dream of six seasons and a movie is over: Numerous sources are reporting that NBC has canceled Community—four words that Community fans have dreaded hearing almost every day since the show’s first season, imagining what it would be like to read them, practicing saying them to see how they would feel in their mouth. In a way, they became their own #SixSeasonsAndAMovie-like mantra, a way of speaking aloud their tribe’s greatest fears in an effort to ward them off. But today they are no longer just a danger lurking in the darkness to be greeted with nervous laughter and the self-preservation of cynicism. Today they are real.

NBC has canceled Community.

While you let that sink in, here are some commiserating words from the people who have similarly worried and joked about this day for so long, the crushing finality of it all has to be tinged with at least a little relief. We’ll update as needed.

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