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Netflix's next original series has Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Amy Sedaris, drunk cartoon horses

After a year of racking up accolades for serious-minded dramas and closely watched cult revivals, Netflix—like so many of us—is ready to just kick back and laugh at a drunk horse for a while. Today it announced its next original series, BoJack Horseman, a cartoon about a whiskey-swilling equine (voiced by ideal talking horse guy Will Arnett) who used to star in a popular ’90s sitcom called Horsin’ Around. Aided by his former human sidekick (played by ideal sidekick guy Aaron Paul) and his cat agent who also happens to be his ex-lover (played by ideal anything Amy Sedaris), he tries to break back into showbiz, all while dealing with the usual washed-up celebrity and drunk horse problems. BoJack is set to debut sometime next year in one 12-episode glob, so you can binge-watch a whiskeyed-up Will Arnett horse, the way you were meant to.  

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