[Nicolas Cage walks out.]

A mere two weeks before the Joel Schumacher-directed drama Trespass was to begin filming in Louisiana, star Nicolas Cage has gone missing, leaving the entire production in the lurch. Cage was meant to join Nicole Kidman as a married couple taken hostage by thieves, but had recently decided he’d rather play the main villain. And while Millennium Films accommodated the last-minute switch and offered the husband role to Liev Schreiber instead (who hasn’t yet officially accepted), it apparently wasn’t enough to keep Cage’s interest—despite the contractual lock of his $7 million deal. Some are speculating that Cage is simply burned out from making so many movies lately, a hectic work pace he’s kept up under the umbra of his $14 million debt to the IRS. Whatever the reason, Cage's walkout has left the studio scrambling to find a replacement in time for its start date, lest the entire picture fold and leave everyone who was planning to work on it without a job. In the meantime, although it’s rumored that Cage went on vacation to the Bahamas, no one seems to be able to reach him. Have they checked his pyramid?

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