A.V. Club Most Read


 November 6, 2012

Cutting through the din of election season punditry with a series of razor-sharp, sustained vowel sounds, the new comedy special Pauly-tics finds Pauly Shore turning an eye toward politics, then saying, "What's uuuuuup, politics?" in a funny stoner voice. If you appreciated Shore's past satirical explorations of environmentalism, the ongoing conflict in Libya, the often-imbalanced judicial system, and the struggles of modern farmers to overcome their goofy sons-in-law, then you will no doubt get a similar approximation of entertainment from Shore's newest routine, which addresses such politically charged topics as how the Washington Monument looks like a penis, the fact that "Obama" sounds like "Osama," and why women sleep with politicians.

Also, Herman Cain, Michael Steele, Barney Frank, Ralph Nader, Larry King, Dog The Bounty Hunter, assorted girls in lingerie, and other people who have made an indelible impact on the political landscape show up to wheeeeeeeeeeeez on the political juice and say "bro" a lot, because otherwise this would be pointless and self-indulgent. And yet, as Pauly-tics won't be released until November 6, so as not to influence the election unduly, you'll just have to form your political opinions some other way before then.