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Pointless yet awesome celebrity feud news: Tracy Morgan hates Jimmy Fallon

Tracy Morgan, who gets exponentially funnier and awesomer the farther he gets from Saturday Night Live, has confessed to Penthouse what most SNL fans should have already assumed: Jimmy Fallon's fellow cast members thought he was a douche. As reported by Page 6, Morgan said he and the other SNLers were bothered by the "laughing and all that dumb [bleep] he used to do - he wouldn't mess with me because I didn't [bleep]ing play that s - - t. That's taking all the attention off of everybody else and putting it on you, like, 'Oh, look at me, I'm the cute one.' I told him not to do that s - - t in my sketches, so he never did." Dude, that is almost as great as this. Almost.

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