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Primus announces 3D-enhanced tour, "one-of-a-kind psychedelic experience"

Screw the rumors of a holographic Tupac tour or boring 3D Katy Perry movies: This fall, Primus fans will get the ultimate concert-going experience. The funky band has announced a 3D-enhanced tour, “sure to provide a one-of-a-kind psychedelic experience” and featuring “Quad Surround Sound.” Details are still a little hazy as to what this tour will entail, but presumably, in this case, 3D means something beyond just being able to see the band members standing on the stage.

Dates for the tour will be announced Monday, July 30, but for anyone who can’t wait to get at least a semi-3D experience, the band is headlining Gathering Of The Vibes in Bridgeport, CT this Saturday, July 21.

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