Ridley Scott making movie about NFL concussions

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Ridley Scott making movie about NFL concussions

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Fresh from directing Cameron Diaz to fuck a Ferrari, casting Christian Bale as Moses, and prepping sequels to both Blade Runner and Prometheus, Ridley Scott is moving on to the story of a life beset by confusion and questionable decision-making, with football this time. Deadline reports that Scott hopes to make a movie, akin to Michael Mann’s The Insider, that looks at the hot-button issue of the NFL’s complicity in allowing its players to sustain the debilitating concussions that make their retirement years a waking hell, and football games so damn exciting for everybody. It’s unclear where this as-yet-untitled film will fit in on Scott’s always-crowded schedule, though Deadline suggests he’s already looking for it to be his next—at least, until he becomes distracted by something else.  

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