Robin Williams might also be coming back to TV

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Robin Williams might also be coming back to TV

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Just as Michael J. Fox's return to sitcoms or Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop: The Next Generation promised to be the nostalgic casting coups of the year, CBS has reached even further back to begin developing a show starring Robin Williams—his first regular series role since Mork And Mindy and without the benefit of copious amounts of cocaine. David E. Kelley is behind the project, described as a half-hour, single-camera workplace comedy set at an ad agency in which Williams would play an ad exec who finds himself working alongside his daughter. Presumably, she is a woman who probably has her own ideas and opinions and stuff and is all like, "Oh, Daaaaad" whenever he pitches to clients in his "jive-talking black guy" voice, but also they love each other. Meanwhile, he is warm and crinkly and beardy, and often has trouble expressing his feelings without doing an Elmer Fudd impression. It's still only in the discussion stage, but perhaps ABC should go ahead and get ahead of this trend and begin developing a sitcom with Kirk Cameron. He could be struggling to deal with his sassy teenaged daughter and the coming Rapture: Heavens To Betsy. (Her name is Betsy.)  It writes itself! 

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