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Seth Rogen and FX are making a Bigfoot cartoon, one that threatens to not take Bigfoot seriously

Bigfoot, the elusive cryptozoological creature who has for so many years evaded capture by not existing, will be the subject of a new cartoon—an actual one, not the grotesque caricature that is Finding Bigfoot. Seth Rogen, his writing partner Evan Goldberg, and American Dad’s Matt McKenna are behind the animated series, which will be based on the graphic novels written by Graham Roumieu. In his three books published so far—Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir, I Not Dead, and In Me Own Words—Roumieu painted Bigfoot as a lonely, misunderstood romantic, a fading celebrity who finds himself ostracized equally from the worlds of animal and man, and whose efforts to fit in are every bit as clumsy as his pronoun usage. Should the show make it to air, of course, it will likely be loudly decried by those who have dedicated their lives to seriously investigating Bigfoot, and that will be hilarious. 

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