Sigourney Weaver will transform repeatedly in the new Avatar movies

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Sigourney Weaver will transform repeatedly in the new Avatar movies

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Plot details remain sparse for James Cameron’s upcoming “The-Godfather-but-with-giant-blue-people-who-have-sex-by-touching-hair” trilogy of Avatar sequels, but at least one new revelation has come to light. Sigourney Weaver, talking to Vulture at a party for Jerry Bruckheimer’s new book, revealed that she’s apparently going to appear in a different form in each of the three movies—movies that will be filming simultaneously over the next few years. 

“I can’t talk about it, but my part is a little different in each one. I’ll transform somewhat,” Weaver said, with the carefree playfulness of someone who knows she’s probably going to be working on these movies from a recording studio, making it much less likely that she’ll be drowned or shot at, or whatever else James Cameron is going to subject her co-stars to this time. 

You might remember that Weaver’s character, Dr. Grace Augustine, [spoiler alert] died during the first Avatar film, while connected to a giant jellyfish brain-tree. Presumably that explains her reappearances, since said fish-tree was connected to Eywa, the alien-moon-spanning neural network worshiped by the giant blue Na’vi.  That means Weaver could potentially appear again as any of Pandora’s amazingly diverse and original flora or fauna—like wolves-but-with-six-legs, or horses-but-bigger. Or, given that this is James Cameron, some kind of giant talking whale. 

While this doesn't rule out Augustine’s re-appearance in human form in flashbacks, it does suggest that, barring some motion-capture work, Weaver will likely be able to weather these films in a recording booth, safely out of harm’s way. Unless Cameron decides to flood the booth with water, just because he’s James Cameron.

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