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Smashing Pumpkins sign with EMI to release "album within an album" in June

For at least three years, in between tending to his wrestling-related endeavors and being one of the most entertaining interview subjects around, Billy Corgan has been slaving away on a massive (and massively insane) 44-song concept record. It's called Teargarden By Kaleidyscope, and it was originally conceived as an Internet-only album, with songs released as they were recorded. The project is ongoing—three EPs have already been released—and now includes a so-called "album within an album" called Oceania, which will be released via traditional record-label channels on June 19. In fact, Oceania will be put out by EMI, the band's original label. You can check out the epic title track below. The 12-minute song is really a suite of short tracks, which makes it practically a mini-album within an album within an album.

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