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Sony realizes it could probably make an El Mariachi TV show for Latin American audiences pretty easily

Only a few months after it was announced that a From Dusk Till Dawn TV show would be the flagship series representing a new era of creativity for Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network, Sony has realized Rodriguez has another franchise that could be repackaged for Spanish-speaking audiences because that sounds easy enough. It’s developing a one-hour drama version of El Mariachi, Rodriguez’s breakout debut that was subsequently expanded on in the sequels Desperado and Once Upon A Time In Mexico, aiming it squarely at the Latin American market that’s probably already seen it anyway, but ostensibly wouldn’t mind doing so again on a weekly basis.

In addition to that previously announced Spanish-language version of Breaking Bad, Sony has now given a 70-episode commitment to this somewhat-similar story of drug cartels and the guitar-playing vigilante who dares to take them on, all to be filmed exclusively in Mexico. Ironically, in Mexico it will be known as The Music Man. (Okay, not really.) 

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