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Sony to address timely racial and socioeconomic issues by making a Good Times movie

Seeking a way to address still-pertinent issues of income inequality and racial tension in a serious and sensitive way, Sony Pictures has decided to make a movie out of ’70s sitcom Good Times, because who’s going to see that shit otherwise? Deadline reports that Social Network producer Scott Rudin has partnered with Wreck-It Ralph writer Phil Johnston to apply their collective knowledge of the black urban experience they watched on TV to a new family comedy film now set in the 1960s, “which gives Johnston a rich and politically charged period to mine” in the background while the audience waits patiently for the movie version of “J.J.” to say, “Dy-no-mite” already. The change in era from the show’s familiar 1970s milieu to an even tenser decade is a calculated move to raise the dramatic stakes and make the Evans family’s struggles all the more meaningful, creating the sociopolitical poignancy that everyone will expect from a Good Times movie.  

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