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Stop holding your breath: ABC is making a modern-day Houdini show

Famed escape artist (and answer to the question, "Quick, name a magician!") Harry Houdini was known for wiggling his way out of chains and sealed containers, but he couldn't escape death—he headed to the Great Beyond way back in 1926. Having lost its faith in Davids Blaine and Copperfield, the world is ready to turn its attention back to the gifted illusionist: The latest announcement of a Hollywood Houdini project came today via Hollywood Reporter, which, umm, reports that ABC's Houdini will be a "fast-paced modern-day procedural" that will team Houdini with "an unusually gifted female detective to solve the cases that baffle the LAPD." Yes, it sounds like a premise conjured by an overly enthusiastic 12-year-old, but hey, apparently Sleepy Hollow is pretty decent, so perhaps it's best not to pre-judge. This Houdini show joins the ranks of other projects in various states of completion, including a History Channel mini-series starring Adrien Brody, a feature film from Hunger Games director Gary Ross, and two separate movies that will team Houdini with his real-life accomplice Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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