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Stream a track from the new Ninja Gun EP, the most rockin' waltz you'll hear today

Georgia band Ninja Gun travels in the punk scene—doing a 7-inch with Leatherface, touring with The Gaslight Anthem, releasing an album on Sabot Productions, etc.—but the group's sound takes its cues from Southern rock and power-pop. "That's Not What I Heard," from the upcoming Roman Nose EP, aligns with punk orthodoxy by railing against "corporate manipulation of poor people," according to singer-guitarist Johnathan Coody, but wraps the message in gentle, harmony-laden pop. That's the yin and yang of Ninja Gun.

The waltzing "Lepers In Love," also from Roman Nose, is a crunchy ballad about an unhealthy, yet persistent, relationship—fans of the Drive-By Truckers will probably hear a likable familiarity.

Roman Nose, Ninja Gun's first release since 2008's Restless Rubes, comes out on Sabot Productions April 12.

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