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Super-serious, totally not funny Pizza Bomber movie in the works

Although the Jesse Eisenberg comedy 30 Minutes Or Less already touched on this scenario (to controversial results), there’s a new movie in the works about a pizza deliveryman who's strapped with explosives and forced into crime—specifically, the same infamous “collarbomb” incident that arguably inspired 30 Minutes, in which a Pennsylvania pizza deliveryman was armed with an explosive device and pressured into robbing a bank. Deadline reports that film rights have been secured to the upcoming (and, unintentionally, hilariously named) true-crime book Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story Of America’s Most Shocking Bank Robbery. Given that Pizza Bomber would seem to suggest that the bomb is hidden in a pizza—or that the bomber is himself a pizza—and this is, again, not a comedy, producers have tentatively renamed their film Collar Bomb Heist. Expect a serious, ticking-clock thriller about a pizza man wearing a bomb necklace, without Danny McBride and Nick Swardson swearing. 

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