A.V. Club Most Read


July 13, 2012

In the rare instance of a film being formed fully realized from the mental images evoked by its logline, Seth MacFarlane’s Ted promised an R-rated comedy in which the creator of Family Guy once more mined comedy from the friendship between a man-child and an intelligent yet often-stoned talking animal, and then Mark Wahlberg half-shouted things in an aggressively Boston accent. And indeed, that’s exactly what this NSFW trailer delivers—that, plus a fake-out meet-cute romantic comedy with Mila Kunis, which is quickly interrupted by Wahlberg and MacFarlane’s foulmouthed teddy bear singing a “fuck you” song to a thunderstorm, culminating in a fart joke. Gags about weed-smoking, stuffed animals making inappropriate sexual gestures, and a game of “white trash names” follow in what feels like an alternate-universe edition of Wilfred, which is also probably what you pictured when you heard the original pitch. And it all came true! Maybe imagine yourself winning the lottery now.