That Super 8 kid is gonna do fine, just fine

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That Super 8 kid is gonna do fine, just fine

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Previously unknown Super 8 moppet Joel Courtney has officially arrived, with Variety reporting he’s in talks for two major starring roles: The 15-year-old is in talks to once again play a kid estranged from his father in The Healer, whose reconciliation once again becomes complicated by a supernatural event—this time an “apparent tragedy” that leaves him “trapped in limbo between the living world and the afterlife” inside a haunted forest. But before The Healer threatens to typecast Courtney as “the kid whose daddy issues can only be resolved by the paranormal,” he’ll star as Tom Sawyer in Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn, a new adaptation of the Mark Twain characters that will recreate their adventures in 1850s Missouri by going to its current geographical equivalent: Bulgaria. Anyway, good for Joel Courtney: Get in all the kid stuff while you can, before puberty changes everything. (And maybe call Henry Thomas for some advice.)

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