The Knocked Up Sitcom Nobody Wanted Is Finally Here!

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The Knocked Up Sitcom Nobody Wanted Is Finally Here!

Starring Jenna Elfman

Somewhere out in the great swirling multiverse, there exists a parallel universe where Jenna Elfman always gets another chance, where terrible urn-related jokes (and they're always terrible) always make the trailer, where the very funny Ashley Jensen is always relegated to the role of wacky best friend, and where Knocked Up isn't a Judd Apatow movie but a lukewarm sitcom starring, naturally, Jenna Elfman.

Unfortunately, thanks to CBS's upcoming show Accidentally On Purpose, this universe is starting to look an awful lot like our own.    

Well, I'm convinced. They're just having so much fun making this, who are we to not watch it?  I can't wait to see the whole plot of Knocked Up, again, but this time with little discernable humor, stretched out over a dozen or more episodes, and covered with a fog of desperation in the form of Jenna Elfman.