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The original Wilfred is coming to IFC

The Australian series that formed the basis of FX’s hit Wilfred is coming to IFC: The network has announced that the cult show’s entire first season will air in a marathon of all eight episodes back-to-back, beginning at 12 p.m. ET on July 31. While the original show differs from its U.S. adaptation in terms of storylines and characters, it boasts the same premise of a man forging a meaningful, if contentious bond with another man in a dog suit, as well as the same actor in said dog suit, Jason Gann. So in that sense, this airing should appeal to fans of the U.S. Wilfred who are curious to see a slightly different take, as well as those who are intrigued by the FX show’s premise, but can’t watch it because Elijah Wood’s voice gives them seizures. Not that this is necessarily a common affliction—or at least, it’s an undocumented one. Now is the time to speak up and potentially save a life, is what we’re saying.

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