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The Terminator reboot may have found its John Connor

Naturally drawn to scenarios full of loud noises and confusion, Zero Dark Thirty’s Jason Clarke is said to be circling the role of John Connor in the upcoming Terminator reboot. Clarke has become a favorite of franchise revivals of late, having already signed on to get some monkeys and torture the hell out of ‘em in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, and his demonstrated knack for making grown men go fetal by messing with their heads should lend itself well to the Terminator franchise, given its recent plans to split that world into yet more alternate timelines across multiple platforms. Should he sign on, Clarke would join Arnold Schwarzenegger and either Emilia Clarke or Brie Larson as the much-younger version of his mom, once director Alan Taylor makes up his mind about that. Deadline’s report also confirms that the working title for this first chapter of a planned trilogy is Terminator: Genesis, suggesting it will at last confirm what we’ve long suspected: that the end of the world will somehow be Phil Collins’ fault. 

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