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The voice of K.I.T.T., the voice of New Mexico?


The 2010 New Mexico gubernatorial race just got a little bit zanier. Maybe. With embattled governor Bill Richardson set to vacate his post after reaching the end of his two-term limit, actor Val Kilmer has expressed his interest in considering thinking about pondering a possible run on the Democratic ticket. Kilmer has been a resident of the state for over two decades, where he lives on a ranch. He first made rumblings about the post a few months ago, when Richardson was set to score a place on then President-elect Obama’s cabinet, and he hasn’t backed down post-inauguration. If he decides to go through with it, he’ll have to square off against current Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, who has already announced her intention to run.
This leaves the citizens of New Mexico with a difficult decision. Pluses: Top Secret!, Real Genius, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Minuses: Willow, Batman Forever, the voice of K.I.T.T. on the rebooted Knight Rider. He’s also eccentric and reportedly difficult to work with, which in Hollywood terms translates as “batshit insane.” Were he still alive, we’re guessing John Frankenheimer could not have been counted on for an endorsement.

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