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TLC to explore death with the same dignity it explores all other aspects of life on Best Funeral Ever

Having spent years celebrating the miracles of mass birth, the joys of raising a child to have unhealthy delusions of grandeur, and the magic of a wedding day controlled to a scarily obsessive degree, TLC is exploring another crucial part of the circle of life: death. The Learning Channel will continue its ongoing lessons in the harsh truths of reality with Best Funeral Ever, a one-off special premiering Dec. 26 that could develop into a series, provided TLC's audience does not concurrently develop a sense of shame.

As suggested by its title, Best Funeral Ever follows Dallas' Golden Gate Funeral Home and its attempts to give the dearly departed the most raucous, reality TV-worthy send-offs they can dream up, including options such as a "Christmas funeral" with accompanying reindeer and elves, a barbecue-themed party with "a BBQ sauce fountain where loved ones dip a ceremonious rib to say goodbye," or even simply providing a solemn place for grieving friends and relatives to honor the deceased in a quiet, dignified fashion. No, just kidding. That would be the worst funeral ever. I wouldn't be caught dead at that. Use my corpse as a prop at your barbecue, please.

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