Todd Phillips will also try his heavy hand at a thriller

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Todd Phillips will also try his heavy hand at a thriller

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Determined to prove he can do more than tell stories of awkward male bonding and excess—he can also tell those stories in a way that's intentionally not funny—Hangover and Due Date director Todd Phillips has added the thriller Trust Your Eyes to his previously announced slate of drugs-and-arms dealing dramedies Mule and Arms And Dudes and Paramount's remake of The Gambler. Like those nebulously in-development films, Trust would be a departure for Phillips, an adaptation of Linwood Barclay's "Rear Window meets Rain Man" suspense story about a map-obsessed schizophrenic who witnesses a murder on a website that is a lot like Google Street View (BUT IS NOT GOOGLE STREET VIEW), prompting him to push his skeptical caretaker brother to investigate. Though obviously offbeat, Barclay's story is mostly played straight, meaning Phillips is going to have to resist his every natural inclination to cast Zach Galifianakis as the "quirky" brother, and have their investigation lead them into repeated comic scenarios where his bro gets hit in the face. 

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