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Troy Duffy's The Boondock Saints may become a TV series, says Troy Duffy

The unlikely cult following that sprung up around Troy Duffy’s The Boondock Saints—in which a pair of late-‘90s film school fantasies wage hyper-stylized war on Boston—has already spawned a sequel and a deep, vexing look into the abyss of Duffy’s monstrous ego, and while not even diehards particularly wanted to see either, there may be more to come. In an interview with We Got This Covered (via /Film), Duffy claims that he’s been in discussions with executives about doing “part 3 as a television show,” ideally on a network like AMC or HBO that would allow the series to remain faithful to the original films’ violence and bluntly wielded profanity. According to Duffy, stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus said they would “drop everything” if it got picked up—though of course, Duffy has always been one to exaggerate, so there’s nothing definite here, besides the fact that Duffy definitely hasn’t had any other ideas yet.

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