Watch Huey Lewis menace “Weird Al” in this clever parody of American Psycho 

Watch Huey Lewis menace “Weird Al” in this clever parody of American Psycho 

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Huey Lewis cast a long shadow over 1980s pop culture, in film and literature as well as in song. Lewis popped in for a cameo and provided the theme song to Back To The Future; Ray Parker Jr. famously ripped off Lewis’ “I Want A New Drug” for his theme song to Ghostbusters (so much so that Lewis sued in court and won); and, most sinisterly, Lewis and his freshly-scrubbed bar rock figured prominently in the film version of American Psycho as the subject of one of Patrick Bateman’s signature lectures about pop music.

Now Lewis has joined forces with Funny Or Die and the eternally game “Weird Al” Yankovic (who is also available in book form, we hear) for a hilarious homage to American Psycho that finds Lewis slipping inside the skin of Patrick Bateman to deliver an enthusiastic lecture about the film version of American Psycho. The spookily committed Lewis nails the role, capturing not just the character’s preening obnoxiousness but also his body language and facial tics. And Yankovic is amusingly and uncharacteristically debauched as Lewis’ unwitting prey. The video is ostensibly in connection with the 30th-anniversary re-release of Sports, Huey Lewis & The News’ iconic 1983 smash, because what sells albums better than beloved national treasures performing blood-splattered homages to divisive cult satires?  

American Psycho with Huey Lewis and Weird Al from Huey Lewis

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