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We've got a Breaking Bad contest winner (so please stop entering)

Our super-sweet Breaking Bad contest has come to an end, so you can stop Tweeting at us now. The winner is Clint Roberts of Arizona (not quite New Mexico, but it'll do), who will fly with a guest to Los Angeles this weekend, stay in a hotel that's at least halfway decent, and—most importantly—attend the finale Breaking Bad screening and VIP aftershow, where he will hopefully hobnob with the stars of our favorite show. (Assuming everyone isn't in tears.) Thanks to everybody who entered, and to Bushmills for making it happen (and for being whiskey). Consolation prize for everybody else: You still get to watch one more episode of Breaking Bad, and read Donna Bowman's excellent analysis afterward, right here at The A.V. Club.

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: For people who tweeted multiple posts, we only considered the first tweet as a valid entry in the contest—anything beyond a person's first tweet was not considered for the prize. In hindsight, this should have been clearer in the official rules. The winner tweeted four entries, but only his first was eligible to win. Sorry for any confusion!

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