Who Are Ke$ha's Influences?

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Who Are Ke$ha's Influences?

A high-school production of Cats.

Last night, this mysterious entity known as Ke$ha p€rform€d on American Idol, which is a popular thunderdome program about trilling.  What is Ke$ha? She is the reverse of that high-pitched ringtone that adults can't hear—only people under 20 can't hear the horrible noises she makes.

Ke$ha (the dollar sign is silent) does not trill, but she is a musician of sorts. Based on the following video of her performance last night and nothing else, here's a short list of who (or what) Ke$ha's influences clearly are:

—The set design of a high-school production of Cats.

—A Casio keyboard set to "Rhumba" and boiling in a Fry Daddy


—An LFO tribute band called LFAlsO

—A talking Jem doll undergoing a lobotomy inside a pinball machine

—N'SYNC's stirring, TV-heads rendition of "Bye Bye Bye" at the 2000 VMAs.

—The whine of a thousand mechanical mosquitos


—Teddy Ruxpin drowning in a vat of NyQuil

—NyQuil in general


—The Indian from The Village People