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Will and Jaden Smith finally get the planet all to themselves in M. Night Shyamalan's next movie

Anyone who thought The Pursuit Of Happyness would have worked better as a post-apocalyptic thriller should be elated to learn that Will Smith has officially joined his young retirement plan Jaden in that M. Night Shyamalan-directed sci-fi project we first learned of back in October. The film has apparently since abandoned its proposed title of One Thousand A.E.—meaning we can no longer speculate that it takes place a Willennium after the population has been wiped out by eczema—but it continues to be the story of “a young boy [who] navigates an abandoned and sometimes scary Earth to save himself and his estranged father after their ship crashes.” Whether Shyamalan actually incorporates this into his final twist, it should still serve as a prescient vision of our future, when the Earth will be entirely ruled by Will Smith’s kids.

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