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Yes, The King's Speech was shot on a former gay porn set

Just in time to combat the idea that The King’s Speech is the austere, safe choice in this year’s Oscar race, Movieline has confirmed that the film about the special friendship between Colin Firth’s stuttering monarch and Geoffrey Rush’s speech therapist was shot on the exact same site as gay porn film Snookered, which was about some very special friendships indeed. Yesterday, QueerClick posted some photographic evidence that you should absolutely not click on until you’ve gathered the whole office and your entire extended family around, suggesting that the scenes taking place in Lionel Logue’s office were the same as those that previously hosted a session of billiards-themed banging. Today Movieline says it has received confirmation from single-named Snookered director Jonno that he indeed shot the film inside London’s 33 Portland Place—the same room used for The King’s Speech as well as Amy Winehouse’s video for “Rehab”—and provided these two cropped photos as further evidence. So who’s austere now?  

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