Dangerous Ground

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Dangerous Ground


Dangerous Ground

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An expatriate Ice Cube returns to the South Africa he left at 14 to attend his father's funeral. He finds that drugs and crime have rushed in to take Apartheid's evil place, and they might have claimed his missing brother. Along with Elizabeth Hurley, his brother's crackhead girlfriend, they go to shoot it out with druglord Ving Rhames and get some answers. If you've never walked out of a movie, Dangerous Ground would be a bad place to start; it's fascinating to watch the Cube play the heavy hero, stick guns in people's faces, and gangsterize his lines by always emphasizing the last word in every sentence, as in, "This time, when it came time to sacrifice the goat, I didn't HESITATE!" It's equally fascinating to watch Hurley supermodel her way through every scene, smoking rock in the daintiest possible fashion and holding an AK-47 as if it were a piece of excrement. No, you wouldn't want to walk out of this movie. You'll want to sit on your hands and wait a week or two for it to leave the theaters.