Danzig: Blackacidevil

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Danzig: Blackacidevil



Album: Blackacidevil
Label: Hollywood

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Just in time for—gasp!—Halloween, Glenn Danzig's band has released another set of quasi-demonic songs about how scary and evil Glenn Danzig is. But there's a huge difference between Blackacidevil and its four full-length predecessors: Here, Danzig's bloated rants are hushed, distorted and filtered through processors and subtly industrialized arrangements. Example: In the past, if Danzig were to sing, "I worship Satan 'cause I hate my dad," you'd be able to clearly make out every word—and you'd have a great time mocking him with your deepest pomp-grunting voice. If, on Blackacidevil, Danzig were to sing, "I worship Satan 'cause I hate my dad," his vocals would be too buried and indecipherable to induce mockery. You can't make out a word Danzig says until the fourth track (the single "Sacrifice," a callous rip-off of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer"), and by then, what's the point? This stuff is just boring. Note: The title Blackacidevil contains the word evil—and devil!