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Heaven Or Vegas

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Richard Grieco stars in Heaven Or Vegas as a pudgy, glum Las Vegas gigolo in the midst of an existential crisis that causes him to leave his job and seek out a new life in the abstract, symbolic paradise of Montana—a destination that keen-eyed direct-to-video fans will recognize as the one Kyra Sedgwick and Stanley Tucci longed to find in the recent Montana. On the way to Montana, however, Grieco becomes involved with a mysterious, pneumatic, hard-working stripper-prostitute (played by real-life girlfriend Yasmine Bleeth), and together the two experience America, road-movie-style. Bleeth has always seemed like one of the better actresses to have done time as a Baywatch cast member, but her character in Heaven Or Vegas is so maddeningly inconsistent that it's unlikely even Meryl Streep could have played her convincingly. Alternately brain-damaged, savvy, seemingly mentally ill, and full of common sense, Bleeth changes personalities every couple of scenes. Stuck playing a flashy but nonsensical character, she overacts badly. Meanwhile, Grieco underacts badly, with the rest of the cast falling somewhere in between. For the most part, Heaven Or Vegas is just a dopey, uninspired, pretentious little would-be art film. But by its climax—in which, out of nowhere, Bleeth is abducted by an insane group of kill-crazy hippie-ravers—Heaven Or Vegas has risen from mediocrity to an almost dementedly inspired level of camp lunacy.