House & Parish: One, One-Thousand

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House & Parish: One, One-Thousand

Album: One, One-Thousand
Label: Arena Rock Recording Co.

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Rock pedigrees can be misleading, particularly when musicians are eager to work outside of the musical templates they're known for. So it goes with House & Parish, which features former members of The Promise Ring, Texas Is The Reason, The Gloria Record, and The Love Scene. The band's debut EP, One, One-Thousand, avoids the emo/punk that House & Parish's members helped define a decade ago; instead, it embraces gauzy Britpop that swirls around John Herguth's breathy vocals. House & Parish certainly plays it well, but the songs tend to blur together, a red flag for a six-track EP. The closing song, "Over/Out," recalls The Church circa "Under The Milky Way," though any song could have appeared on Dave Kendall-era 120 Minutes. Although One, One-Thousand is pleasant enough, House & Parish still needs time to put its own, more interesting stamp on the style.