Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Now I Got Worry

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Now I Got Worry

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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Album: Now I Got Worry
Label: Matador

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's most recent album, Orange, was one of the most gushed-over releases of 1994. It had everything rock and roll has come to be: blues-based punk, furious guitar shrieks, self-promoting shout-outs, big bad beats, Beck. Feel free to consider Now I Got Worry more of the same. Okay, there's no Beck, and Spencer does a hell of a lot more shouting about fucking (the bombastic "2 Kinds of Love") and fried chicken ("Chicken Dog") than he does about himself, but that's as it should be. This is raw, ragged, double-distilled Blues Explosion, and who knows? It just might be what the blues have become, too.