Junior Senior: Hey Hey My My Yo Yo

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Junior Senior: Hey Hey My My Yo Yo


Junior Senior

Album: Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
Label: Rykodisc/Crunchy Frog

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The new Hey Hey My My Yo Yo only needs a few minutes to prove Junior Senior is a half-straight, half-gay, happy-go-lucky duo worth sincere admiration. The first track, "Hello," presents what it must sound like to enter the world's friendliest dance club, and on "Hip Hop A Lula," JS becomes the ideal house band, with synths, horns, and guitars that outsparkle anything on its debut, D-D-Don't Stop The Beat. Adding even more shameless muscle to JS' sound, "Itch U Can't Skratch" could have merged funk and disco into a delirious mega-movement, had it dropped about 30 years ago. Multi-instrumentalist/producer Junior masters JS's many loves without having to scale them down, and expands Don't Stop's compact party into a show of force.