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Manny And Lo


Manny And Lo

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In theory at least, Manny And Lo makes itself difficult not to like. After all, what could be more touching than the courageous tale of two sisters' struggle to remain independent, a struggle that includes the abduction of a knowledgeable but unhappy maternity-store employee who eventually forms a bond with her captors? Add to this the consideration that this is the type of movie that rarely sees the light of day: There are no major male characters, nor is the plot driven by a bank heist or the exciting recovery of a top-secret computer disk. Unfortunately, the film itself—a sort of indie hybrid of She's Having A Baby and Misery—isn't particularly inspiring, hindered by conspicuous aimlessness and performances that usually stay close to either deadpan flatness or exaggerated caricature. Though not without its bright moments, Manny And Lo is for the most part a frustrating hunk of unrealized potential.