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My Favorite Martian

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Written by Deanna Oliver and Sherri Stoner, the same hacks who wretched forth the script for the similarly awful Casper, Disney's oft-delayed adaptation of TV's My Favorite Martian stars Christopher Lloyd (playing his umpteenth variation on Taxi's beloved Reverend Jim character) as the title character, a misanthropic space alien who befriends everyman news producer Jeff Daniels. This friendship leads to some painfully arbitrary antics, some of which feature egocentric newscaster Elizabeth Hurley, others of which revolve around the government's attempts to capture and dissect Lloyd. By definition, film adaptations of popular TV shows tend to be stupid and unambitious, and My Favorite Martian is no exception. An early scene in which Lloyd has a loud, public argument with his talking, anthropomorphic space suit without anyone else noticing gives a good indication of the lack of thought that went into the film. The aforementioned suit, which spouts some severely dated, severely lame pop-culture references—some of which involve such little-known cult figures as The Spice Girls and Beavis And Butt-Head—is irritating enough to deserve induction in the Bad Computer-Generated Special Effects Hall Of Fame alongside such similar atrocities as the protagonist in Jack Frost and the hyperactive space monkey from Lost In pace. With its mixture of whimsy and special-effects-driven humor, My Favorite Martian aims to blend E.T. and Men In Black, but in its sad, mercenary shamelessness, it ends up recalling Mac And Me instead.