Ron Sexsmith: Other Songs

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Ron Sexsmith: Other Songs


Ron Sexsmith

Album: Other Songs
Label: Interscope

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It's becoming less and less of a secret that Ron Sexsmith has developed into a major talent: The singer/songwriter's second album, Other Songs, is packed with gorgeous, somber ballads that shimmer with softly subtle hooks. Smooth and organic, Sexsmith's songs get by without fancy overproduction or excessive emoting, while his voice compares favorably to everyone from Freedy Johnston to a low-key Elvis Costello. It helps that his instrumental augmentation consists mostly of an acoustic guitar, a soft beat, and the occasional dose of accordion, marimba or tuba. As a whole, Other Songs isn't extraordinarily dynamic—Sexsmith keeps things soft and moody throughout, though the catchy "Nothing Good" borders on the upbeat—but it maintains its morose beauty from start to finish. If Sexsmith contines to progress at this rate, his next few records will be downright intimidating to behold.