Six Days, Seven Nights

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Six Days, Seven Nights


Six Days, Seven Nights

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In this serviceable romantic adventure-comedy from Ivan Reitman (Fathers' Day, Ghostbusters), Harrison Ford and Anne Heche play a mismatched couple who engage in romance, adventure, and comedy on a deserted South Pacific island. Heche plays a high-strung fashion-magazine editor who, while on a vacation with longtime boyfriend David Schwimmer, is forced to travel to Tahiti for an assignment. Aiding her is the only pilot in the area, the gruff-but-lovable Ford. Unfortunately, their plane goes down on an uninhabited but obscenely photogenic island, and they're forced to fight off the advances of long-haired pirates while, elsewhere, Schwimmer fights off the advances of Ford's large-breasted paramour (Jacqueline Obradors). As things progress, the increasingly scantily clad Heche and Ford find themselves falling in love. Not especially funny, romantic, or exciting, Six Days, Seven Nights is so lightweight, so dispensable that it seems to exist only to confirm what everyone already knows: that nervous nebbish types are the most sexually compatible with liberated, large-breasted women, and that high-strung fashion editors and gruff-but-lovable pilots are made for each other.

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