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Skeletons stars a slumming Ron Silver as a fast-talking, neurotic Jewish reporter from New York who experiences burn-out after covering a particularly grisly story, moving his family to the seemingly peaceful and Norman Rockwell-esque hamlet of Saugataw, Maine. Alas, all is not as it seems, as Saugataw is populated heavily with legendary hams Christopher Plummer, James Coburn, Paul Bartel, Carroll Baker, and David Graf (of Police Academy fame). Silver and his family are greeted warmly by the tightly knit community, but soon things go awry: Silver's son and wife are harassed, and a local gay couple ends up dead. Soon Silver stumbles upon a shocking secret: Rural towns are not especially tolerant of alternative lifestyles. Before long, Silver is being chased by chainsaw-bearing town elders across the town square. For much of the film, Skeletons is campy fun, aided by a seasoned cast of overactors, but it suffers horribly from an earnest middle section that seems to take the film's ain't-it-shocking-there's-homophobia-in-rural-communities message way too seriously.

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