Star Trek: First Contact

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Star Trek: First Contact


Star Trek: First Contact

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After successfully repelling a Borg invasion of Earth, the crew members of the Enterprise must travel into their past to prevent the Borg Queen from disrupting history and killing James Cromwell before he can invent the warp drive. As a movie for die-hard Star Trek folks, it's okay; the special effects are stunning and there are enough poignant moments between established characters to satisfy the blind-faith Trekkie crowd. Still, the liberties First Contact takes in such established themes as the nature of Borg society and the history of the Federation will put off the most hardcore fans, or for that matter, anyone who was paying attention during the series. More casual viewers will be put off by the convoluted storyline that results when the filmmakers try to cram every last bit of Trek's rich background into a two-hour movie. This one has all the right elements for science-fiction movie success (huge space battles, scary aliens that echo our contemporary fears, weird sex) packaged with every awkward idea that makes a science-fiction flop (time travel, reluctant scientist-heroes, Hollywood taglines like "Assimilate this!"). Of course, these movies are supposed to be big, but First Contact is the kind of porky, clumsy thing that would be ignored if it didn't come complete with an enormous guaranteed audience—and if it weren't actually kind of fun in spite of itself.