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Sweet Nothing


Sweet Nothing

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If you enjoy those dourly narrated, darkly filmed anti-drug public-service announcements, you'll love this movie, which is essentially a full-length feature film in the same style. Providing the aforementioned dour narration in the form of journal entries is baby-faced actor Michael Imperioli in the role of a happy family man who becomes a crack addict within Sweet Nothing's first five minutes. Supposedly based on a real journal found in an abandoned apartment, it's difficult to imagine that the movie's source material so closely followed the pattern of a Hollywood melodrama. For example, we know that Imperioli's friend has turned into an evil crack dealer because: a) He starts wearing evil crack-dealer clothes, and b) He starts incorporating phrases such as "I'll put a cap in your ass!" into his conversation. To its credit, Sweet Nothing's heart is in the right place—kids, crack is bad stuff—but you're not going to hear the message when you're too busy laughing at the messenger.

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