The Coathangers: The Coathangers

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The Coathangers: The Coathangers


The Coathangers

Album: The Coathangers
Label: Rob's House

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If The Coathangers aren't fans of Raooul—the teen riot-grrl band that served as Out Hud's training wheels—they miraculously stumbled onto the same sound. The young group's self-titled full-length is a sloppy, joyously lobbed spitwad of sexy screeches and scratches. It isn't all punky abandon, though. "Wreckless Boy" brushes up on vintage Rough Trade dubbiness before bursting into a pep-rally chorus. "Bloody Shirt" tickles tenderly. And "Nestle In My Boobies" is a Casio-stabbed sleaze anthem that Gravy Train!!!! would be proud to call its own. Closing the disc is a sample from an old motivational LP: "The fact that you are listening to this record proves you are interested in larger success." It's a gag, granted, but the fact remains: The Coathangers have made one promising, glorious orgy of a debut.